Muscadine Lines: A Southern Journal

One O'Clock on Christmas Morning

Bill Fleet

There they lie all calm abed,
Who knows what dreams are there.
Girls with tears they have not shed
Boys with unknown griefs to bear.

Now their life is but a dream
Of life with goals unknown to me
Perhaps as good as now they seem
But things may come they cannot see.

There they sleep so happily
There they dream of life to come
Of goals to reach eventually
Of living in a happy home.

There they sleep so peacefully
Every one a piece of me.


Bill Fleet grew up in rural Mississippi.  He earned BA and MD degrees from Vanderbilt University.
He was a faculty member in the Vanderbilt Department of Pediatrics for nine years before entering private practice in the Nashville area. He began creative writing shortly after retiring in 1998. He  published his first book in 2000 and his second book in 2003. His sort story, “Partners” was serialized in Muscadine Lines in 2007.

© Bill Fleet

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