Colln, signing her novel, San Antonio Seduction,
at Landmark Booksellers, Franklin, Tennessee

Louise Colln


A Poem


You say

grief eases when a year has passed. I’ll stop

thinking, “This time last year…”

I find that true. But many years won’t bring

another, who, when I say that I may choose

to disbelieve the new honed verity

that wolves won’t harry humans

rather than lose the awed child thrilling chill

of bridal parties pulled by wild-eyed foaming

horses across a frozen Russia, thrown one

by one to ground for evil beasts to eat;

and patient red-rimmed lustful eyes

circling wood starved fires;

will only nod and smile,

not needing to ask, “Why?”

nor offer me a grim eyed chase

in crashing cars through city streets



Published in Voices, Poems From The Missouri Heartland

Won Missouri Writers Award For Poetry

Louise Colln, signing her novel San Antonio Seduction

Louise Colln, reading from her novel San Antonio Seduction

Louise Colln is the author of five nationally and internationally published books. Four of them have been reprinted, three in anthologies. She first published her writing while working in nursing service administration and, with her husband, raising five children. She writes both historical and contemporary books. She presently has a manuscript set in the Depression Era of the Nineteen Thirties. Her poetry and short stories have won statewide contests and have been published in national magazines. Her work is in all three Williamson County Literary Reviews, Voices from The Missouri Heartlands, Ozarks, Muscadine Lines: A Southern Anthology, Gathering: Writers of Williamson County, and Gotcha Covered: A Legacy Of Service And Protection. She is co-author of Echoes Of Two Voices, a Civil War poetry book, and is available with her co-author, Nancy Fletcher-Blume, for readings. She condensed and adapted A Little Princess, Black Beauty and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm for Dalmatian Press.

Colln served as editor for a genealogy magazine in Missouri and for the Middle Tennessee Scottish Society Newsletter. She leads workshops. Her work with school children includes helping them create stories, leading a critique group, and serving as a judge in the Williamson County Family Resource Center school contests. She served as master of ceremonies at Tennessee Writer’s Alliance Read Arounds. She was secretary to the Council For The Written Word, Middle Tennessee Scottish Society, and the governing board of the Tennessee Writers Alliance.